Ashley M. Jenkins

 What others are saying of our work together…

traci“When I first spoke with Ashley after having read her article, “Five Limiting Beliefs…” I was convinced that in my own thought process, I didn’t suffer from any of the specified limitations. I told her that although I am single right now, (and admittedly do struggle with meeting potential suitors) the main reason is only because I really don’t want to be in a relationship. A few days after my conversation with Ashley, I realized that although I was not limiting myself in the ways she described, I was limiting myself by being closed off and inactive. Prince Charming is not going to show up while I am on my couch, wearing sweat pants and drinking wine; and as much as I love those nights, I know I don’t want that forever. Over the last month since our conversation, I have made it my intention to be more spontaneous, more open to possibility, and more honest with myself about what I want. Ashley reminded me that there’s nothing to lose; and she was right.”

- Traci P., Yoga Teacher



“Being a divorced, busy, single mom of 3 children, I had resigned myself as being undesirable and unworthy of dating again.  Somewhere along my journey, I had given up, lost myself and ignored my deep desires to be pursued and start dating again.  I was stuck, discouraged and felt hopeless.  Ashely is a true genius in shifting your dating mindset, helping you release the inhibitions that keep you single or dating the wrong type of men.  I have learned to love and see myself as a desirable, sexy woman, worthy of being pursued by only genuinely good men.  The bar has been set high and it feels fantastic! Thank you Ashley!!”

- Kerry Hollowell, Life Coach