Ashley M Jenkins

Accountability is the chief component of coaching.

Short of sticking my hand within you to where you question at times if you have a puppet master, joking.

You need someone who will not give in to your sneaky excuses. You need to flip the switch from barely present living Groundhog Day to thriving and real leadership.

Resistance shows up in work to trick you from taking the exact action you need to take, day in and day out to bring home the bacon. Too many people are moving paperwork around on their desk, or sadly, caught up in the process of watching others strive and have successes mount while nothing is happening for themselves.

Worse, the art you set out to create? The message you are here to share? Goes unseen and unheard.


Check your excuses. Existing on the doorstep of lack and barely cutting it month to month is just an excuse. (The right) activities need to be done in your business. Some you are avoiding. There are people who want to help you build what you are creating. Even if you don’t think you have the resources, or know who these people are that will help you build your empire.

I am Ashley M Jenkins, I began Lifestyle Design Coaching in the Fall of 2010 to supplement my Boutique Yoga Studio.
What was a compliment to being an Exercise Physiologist and Master Yoga Teacher/Trainer, transitioned into helping other entrepreneurs overcome the pitfalls of running a business as solopreneurs. 

For years I held space on the mat, moving clients to their leading edge. Nutella is delicious, but when your relationship de-evolves to hiding it under your bed? I was the expert who was called to motivate women to step it up in terms of self-care and behavior to drop those tricky 22 pounds.

Off the mat, the no-nonsense and fierce leadership of understanding all directions resistance shows up in has helped me to lead other leaders.

It is LONELY AF wearing all the hats.

Countless women and I have improved their work/life balance to make a bigger impact. Monotonous busy work needs to be delegated and trolling social media ends.

About Ashley

Ashley M Jenkins