Ashley M Jenkins

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1-1 work begins at $500 and increases based on duration and scope of consulting. Equity positions for Interim Organizing Officer positions + a consulting fee on an individual basis available. Group programs and Masterminds available and are released during seasonal launches. To stay in the loop on this, please complete the CONTACT ME form.


$500 Average Downpayment

Starting at $500 deposit, this can be a one time consulting session, or spread over a duration of quarters to help you evolve key positions of organization within your operations of your business. All packages are custom tailored to the industry you are in. Integrative approaches to establishing marketing/communications, accounting, hiring, leadership, and leveraging your time are all components of the work that we will do. Click the above button to apply. 

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1% Projection Average Investment

Need a wing woman to your genius? This is for the CEO who is in a start up and needs more hands on operations assistance in team operations, marketing, quarterly projections and planning, vision implementation, and getting substantial revenue for growth in the 6 and 7 figure ballpark. The process will request a discovery deposit based upon the start-up and involve a thorough 30 days of deep dive structure assessments to get traction, funding, and take off expediently. 

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$500 Average Investment

Looking for peer and group momentum to bring what you need to life? On a shoestring budget and thrive in environments with others in DIY mode? You don't have to do it alone!

This offering is seasonally opened. Send a contact form to join the waitlist. 


Excited to learn more about your business, vision, and how I may help you serve!

You're an individual.  Relax. There is an individual plan for you that will fit your needs and if I discover that on our call I am aware of someone else who is a better fit for you/your CEO Vision, I will make a recommendation to connect you. This is an investment in YOU creating what you need to bring to fruition with expediency without being preyed upon by shiny objects, easy buttons (which are rare), and actual strategies that go beyond affirmations and journaling (those are nice, but business is a bit more than this). 

Ashley M Jenkins